Happy New Years all!!!!! Besides that, I have updated some things including the buttons and 3 new images in the gallery thanks to Alan, more will be updated next week =3

More things added to the gallery and fixed a small aligned issue with the page. It should be center now maybe different on smaller screen res but over all should be ok now. If anything email me so I can fix it!!

I just moved in with my uncle, who is a very talented inker and friend, he'll probably ink some of my stuff in the long run as soon as he finishes his deadlines for some independent company.

Had to change some things on the site to make sure it all worked, hope the new stuff is liked by all =3

I'm exited to anounce I finally joined the Grey Haven comics team , YAY!
Gray Haven Comics Link


I would like to take the time to thank one of my best friends Lexia who is making a great work helping me do all this and letting me start a comic book company with her. you can see her great art work here:

For all those of you who got hooked up with Cleaning of the Dead, dont loose hope on it, I'm preparing some great things for the future and some other great surprises, and I guess I'll posting some new stuff to the art section as soon as I finish the deadlines and some school work I got unfinish ( yes I'm a teacher ). So stay tuned and you'll hear from me very soon
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